How do I “buy” tickets?

Due to high demand, tickets for the Commissioning Ceremony are no longer available.

I requested tickets, and I got no email confirmation.

Tickets will be mailed in early November along with parking information.  We did not send email confirmations.

Where are my tickets?

Tickets will be mailed in early November along with parking information.

Where is ‘Will Call’ since I don’t have my tickets yet?


If for any reason you do not receive your tickets prior to the USS SIOUX CITY (LCS 11) Commissioning Events this week there will be a Will Call table set up at the Westin Hotel in Annapolis (100 Westgate Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401) on Tuesday 11/13 through Friday 11/16 from 12 Noon to 8 PM for you to pick up replacement tickets.  Please have the name of the person who registered via the website and bring a government issued ID to receive your tickets.  


If for any reason you do not receive your tickets prior to the USS SIOUX CITY (LCS 11) Commissioning Ceremony and you are driving to Annapolis on Saturday 17 November for the Commissioning Ceremony please proceed to the Harry S. Truman Park and Ride Lot (address: 200 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Annapolis, MD 21401) where a Will Call table will be set up from 5 – 7:30 AM to pick up replacement tickets.   Please have the name of the person who registered via the website and bring a government issued ID to receive your replacement tickets.   Once you receive your tickets you will board shuttle buses to the Naval Academy for the ceremony.  PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE AT THE PARKING AREA EARLY – there are 6,000 attendees expected for this event!  

If you live locally, or are visiting and staying in downtown Annapolis, and plan to walk on to the US Naval Academy for the Ceremony on 17 November and have not received your tickets there will be a Will Call set up at Gate 1 of the US Naval Academy from 5 – 8:15 AM.   Please have the name of the person who registered via the website and bring a government issued ID to receive your replacement tickets.  Once you receive your tickets you will be allowed to proceed through Security enter the Naval Academy where you will need to walk to the Ceremony for further security screening.  PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE EARLY FOR THE EVENT TO PICK UP YOUR TICKETS AND TO MAKE IT THROUGH SECURITY IN TIME FOR THE EVENT.

Can I get tickets at the gate?

Tickets are not available at the gate or on a ‘will call’ basis.

Can I come by boat to ceremony?

No. Boats will not be able to approach the vessel or land at the Naval Academy.

A security perimeter will be maintained around the waterside of the ship.

How close to front are General Admission tickets?

Seating will be behind the preferred seating locations, but visibility for all seats will be excellent and close to the ship.

I’m retired Navy.  Do I get better seats?

No.  While we tremendously appreciate your service, seating is based on what the person ordered on the website or would receive based on their donation level.

What if it rains?

Commissioning Ceremonies are rain or shine events.  In case of rain, snow, or bitter cold, the event will still go on as planned.

Where do I park?

Since parking at the Naval Academy is at a minimum, the Commissioning Committee has arranged remote parking lots and bus shuttle to the commissioning for your convenience.  It is highly recommended to get to the parking lot early as it takes time to board the bus and transit to USNA.  Parking instructions will be sent with the tickets.  Walking in from downtown is also highly recommended.

Why is it so early, and what if I’m late?

The event is early because the day is filled with multiple events, including the reception, a tailgate for Sioux City visitors, and the Navy-Tulsa football game.  Arriving late to a remote parking lot puts you at risk of missing the shuttle.  Late visitors would miss part or all of the ceremony.

Can I buy souvenirs?

Donors will receive individual ship related gifts and souvenirs in the mail as per the sponsor levels at https://usssiouxcitylcs11.org/support/.  Souvenirs of ship will also be available at a pier-side ship’s tent at the Commissioning Ceremony.  In addition, the USNA Visitor Center gift shop at Gate 1 will be open to visitors.

Can I tour ship after ceremony?

All attendees who desire will be able to tour the ship immediately after the ceremony ends about 10 AM.

 How much is the reception after ceremony?

There is no cost to the ceremony visitor to attend the reception.  All commissioning ceremony attendees are invited to this reception which is “A Taste of Sioux City”.

Will it be streamed on internet?

Yes. The Ceremony will be streamed live HERE at 0855, 17 November 2018

Will I get a free football ticket?

No.  Tickets are available for purchase at www.navysports.com or at the stadium’s ticket office on the north end of the stadium on game day.

What hotel should I stay in?

There are scores of hotels, inns, and B&Bs in Annapolis.  A good starting point is to refer to this site.   https://www.visitannapolis.org/discover/articles/small-town-big-lodging-options

What is the attire for the various events?

For nearly all events, casual attire will be appropriate.  Events that are by invitation only, such as the Sponsor’s Lunch and VIP reception, visitors may wish to wear coat and tie with appropriate comparable for women.  For all visitors it is important to be alert for weather conditions and be prepared to dress warmly for all events.  Additionally, for those touring the ship, it is an industrial environment, and closed toed walking shoes are recommended.

Is there transportation from the USNA to the football game and back to the USNA or my hotel?  

Special shuttle transportation will be available to the football game for visitors coming from Sioux City, and from the football game to the designated remote parking lot after the game.  A red wristband, identifying you as a resident of Sioux City or a member of the crew and their families, will be required to board these shuttles.

I heard it will be crowded and I have to go through security, what time should I arrive for the Commissioning? 

Buses will begin running from the remote parking lots at 5:30 AM to the ship which will be located at the Naval Academy.  Visitors are urged to come early to avoid bus lines.

May I drive a vehicle onto the Yard?

No.  Only vehicles driven by a person with designated parking passes are permitted to drive onto the Yard.

May I park outside the gate and walk-in?  Do I need an ID to do so?

Yes.  Walking in is allowed with a photo identification for all persons over the age of 16.  The Naval Academy’s routine process of requiring any form of government ID, such as a Maryland driver’s license, to walk on to the Naval Academy will be in place.

Is there a security gate / clearance to get onto the USNA Yard?

Yes, there are three gates for walking in, and a photo identification for all persons over the age of 16 is required.  Gate 1 is at the east end of King George Street, Gate 3 at the north end of Maryland Avenue, and Gate 8 is on Route 450, just to the north of the intersection with King George Street.

Where is the tailgate?

There is a Tailgater sponsored by the Commissioning Committee before and after the Navy-Tulsa football game.  The crew of the USS Sioux City and their families and all residents of Sioux City coming to Annapolis for the Commissioning are invited.  A red wristband will be required for access.  The tailgate is on the lawn and concourse on the South end of the Navy stadium and just below the Blue Angel jet on the hillside. 

What time should I leave the USNA for the football game?

The pre-game events begin just prior to 3 PM, and the football game begins at 3:30 PM.

Depending on your mode of transportation, departure by 2 PM would be the latest to leave.   For those who may choose to walk, it is a 1.8 mile walk by the most direct route from the Dahlgren Hall reception.  The Midshipmen will assemble at Tecumseh Court and march from the Academy to the stadium beginning at about 2 PM.  Tailgating will begin at 1 PM, and all Sioux City visitors are invited to attend the First Command tailgate near the static display of the F-18 Blue Angel on the south side of the stadium.  Pregame festivities on the football field will begin just prior to 3 PM and will include a Seniors Day recognition ceremony, a parachuting flag presentation, the F-18 flyover, singing of the national anthem, and community leaders from Sioux City on the field for the coin toss.  Kick-off is at 3:30 PM.

May I take pictures?

Yes.  Pictures may be taken of the events and the Commissioning ceremony.  Pictures aboard ship will be limited as directed by ship personnel.

Will there be wheelchairs available?

Visitors should bring their own, as no wheelchairs will be available. 

Will there be assistance for the elderly or handicapped?

There will be golf carts to assist in moving people, and Sea Cadets to assist where needed.

Is there handicapped parking for various events?

There will be designated handicapped parking with access to USNA with handicapped placards. 

What parking is available for attending tours of the ship?

No parking is available on the Yard during the ship tours.  All visitors are urged to walk onto the Yard and thence to the ship with appropriate photo identification for adults over the age of 16.

There is an RSVP notice on the bottom of my ticket that came in the mail.  Do I still have to RSVP?

No, if you have received a mailed ticket, there is no further requirement to RSVP.